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Welcome to the new Futurlec, Australian website. A huge range of ELECTRONIC COMPONENTS at the Best Prices.

ADuC7024 Stamp Module

ADuC7024 ARM Stamp Module

Just released our new Analog Devices ADuC7024 Microcontroller Stamp Module. This compact easy to use Stamp Module, features the new high-performance ADuC7024 microcontroller from Analog Devices, based on the powerful RISC 32-bit ARM7TDMI core. The module is ideal for applications requiring large complex computations together with fast response times. The unit has a large program memory combined with a range of peripherals to support real-world monitoring and control.
For More Information, Goto ADuC7024 Stamp
For a full range of EEPROMS from just 50 cents, EEPROMS

Car Battery Voltmeter EXPANDED RANGE

Panel Meters

Just Arrived our new compact Car Battery Voltmeter, this compact unit plugs directly into your car's cigarette lighter and provides a digital voltage readout of your car battery. Ideal for giving advance warning of a flat battery. Also available our new Digital LED Amp Meter and Digital LED Volt Meter, ready to run and ideal for Solar Battery Systems, Power Supplies and Back-Up Systems. Great Value with prices starting from under $10.00, Goto Panel Meters


ARM2368 Controller

ARM2368 Controller Our new powerful ARM2368 Controller is now available, this unit is loaded with features and will make the ideal embedded controller for a wide range of applications. The boards features a huge 512kb of Flash Program Memory, a Full Speed USB port together with an Ethernet LAN connection, A/D Converters, CAN Channels, Real Time Clock and much more. At the heart of this unit is the new NXP LPC2368 Microcontroller with a high-performace ARM7 core, offering high speed thoughput with fast memory access, this unit is Great value at only - $73.40.


Star LED's

Star LED's Great new range of Star LED's in 1W and 3W types in various colours, including White and Warm White. Prices start from under $3, ideal for a wide range of projects, including outdoor lighting, torches, and solar lighting applications.
To Star LED's


New 10A and 20A Solar Regulators

10A Solar Charge Regulator New improved Solar Charge Controllers for both 10A and 20A systems, with microprocessor controlled PWM charging technology for maximim efficiency. Suitable for both 12V and 24V systems and most battery types, including Lead-Acid and Gel Sealed Batteries. Also available are Solar Regulators for Lighting, to automatically turn on lights at night, ideal for gardens and exterior lighting. We also stock a large range of solar cells, panels and standard Solar Regulators and much more, Goto Solar Chargers


Printed Circuit Board

Printed Circuit Board Service

Futurlec can deliver single sided and double sided printed circuit boards to your designs at very competitive prices. Professional finish with only quality materials used. Silk screening for the front component layout is also possible. Any quantity from 1 to 1,000 and sizes up to 30cm x 30cm. For more information, Goto PCB Information.


Hacking Electronics

Hacking Electronics New basic electronics book, Hacking Electronics by the popular author Simon Monk. This new book is ideal for the beginner, which an introduction to soldering as well as assembling basic circuits with a breadboard. Build a wide variety of interesting projects, including Multi-Colour LED Displays, transistor circuits and even modify a slot-car racer. Arduino programming is also covere

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